Offer a new perspective.


Offer a new perspective.


Need a different angle? Our drone services have got you covered.

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Drone Videography

Want to add production value? Set the scene, show an aerial perspective, and offer a variety of angles not possible without wings! Our DJI Inspire 3 can deliver 8k crisp footage in any lighting conditions.

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FPV Drone

The First-Person View that everyone is talking about. Get the angle that is revolutionizing the way customers view your business.

Drone Photography

A photographer hanging out of a plane? Let’s not take that risk. Instead, our drone photos will give you that bird’s-eye view you were looking for!


Immerse your Viewers.

In recent years, drone usage has soared onto the video production scene. The opportunities that aerial video unlock are endless and FPV drones have taken things to another level.

Besides capturing beautiful landscapes from a distance, you can now fly indoors to capture new angles without the need for a crane or temporary fixture install. FPV drones also allow for more aggressive and dynamic flying, making certain shots impossible to achieve in any other way. We can now get the drone closer to the subject, fly further away and faster with more precision.

With the addition of the DJI Inspire 3 drone we can now shoot stunning imagery in 8K ultra high resolution in ProRes RAW. The low-light capabilities with this drone opens up a whole new world of possibilities. This drone is our go too option for our non-FPV work. We also have a Mavic 3 cine for less demanding projects.

Higher frame rates are now possible helping us create silky smooth slow motion shots from a unique angle. All of this is paired with industry-leading, three-axis image stabilization, resulting in shake-free video

When it comes to safety, our drones are capable of withstanding strong winds. 360 obstacle avoidance helps keep the heart rates of our clients down as well!

We currently use the latest drone offerings from the market leader in this area – DJI. Our DJI Inspire 3 is the go to option for our non-FPV work. We upgrade our drones regularly to keep up with technological advances.

Looking for more than just our drone services? Check out our full video production offerings on our sister website Films First.

Mr. FPV’s drone services cover needs in advertising, real estate, surveying, construction, live events, just to name a few!

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Get to know Mr. FPV

We are a team of highly skilled FPV drone pilots based out of Toronto. We have performed successful flights all across Canada and world-wide, sharpening our drone piloting skills along the way. We are fully insured and 100% Transport Canada and NavCanada compliant.

With the continued advancements of FPV drones, we have found another way to offer our clients a new perspective. FPV drones allow pilots to fly in tighter spaces with more control and precision, opening up new creative possibilities. We offer commercial drone operations within the GTA and beyond.

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