Erindale Park like you’ve never seen it before | Mississauga Parks

I’m not sure if all drone pilot’s feel like this, or if it’s just me, but I love to search for low lying clouds as often as I can. It’s just something else when you get to fly amongst the clouds and through then. One this day it had just rained so the park was empty, which made it a great opportunity to capture the park empty. The rain mixed with the heat had something to do with the low lying clouds too. I’m not going to get into the science behind it, but it all just worked out to help create some stunning visuals.

Erindale Park is probably the best park in Mississauga, and that’s why I got there to sharpen my FPV drone skills from time to time. It has lots of great hiking trails along the Credit River, a playground, picnic areas, grills, trails, a toboggan hill & more.. One this particular day, what added to the beauty of this Park was the sun peaking through the clouds at various moments. This presented some interesting visuals, whereby only parts of the park had sun light on them at certain times. This type of weather is perfect for drone hyperlapses too, as you get to capture the ever changing light movement/patterns on the surface over time.

I used the DJI FPV drone for this shoot and filmed everything in 4k 60fps. As for the colour correction, no lut was used, just good old fashion curves, vibrance and saturation sliders. If you’ve enjoyed this video, check out a similar video I made capturing Port Credit during sunset.

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