Exploring Port Credit during sunset with an FPV Drone

For the past few months I’ve been flying my new DJI FPV drone in various parks around the GTA to access a unique view of many areas I’ve frequented over the years. Parks are a great way to build up your skills and confidence if you’re new to the FPV world, so make use of those beautiful spaces and terrains if you’re looking for where to begin! Being a resident of Mississauga myself, I wanted to explore the beauty of the city and decided there was no better place to start than Port Credit. There is so much to do here! You have a waterfront with lots of family-friendly events, an iconic lighthouse, park benches along the pier for watching the sailboats and more! Throw in a beautiful sunset and you have the perfect backdrop for a one-take FPV drone shot.

What I love about the DJI FPV drone is the built-in safety features. With other FPV drones, things can get pretty scary when you are flying over water, especially from a long distance. If you lose signal to your goggles, you can be left flying blind and most likely end up with your drone in the water. With the DJI FPV drone, if you lose signal to your goggles, the drone will change out of acro/manual mode and hover in place until the connection to your goggles resumes. And if the goggles fail to connect, you can push the ‘Return to Home’ button and your drone will come back to its home point/take off position. This exact scenario happened to me while flying at Port Credit. All of a sudden my goggles went blank and my heart stopped. 20 seconds later though, the goggles came back and the drone was hovering in place. What a life saver!

I hope you enjoyed the video and stay tuned for more. I have some cool drone projects on the horizon that I’m eager to capture and share!